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August 16, 2014 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Fellow Sitzmarker Dennis Sherwood has organized a trip to Lake Bled and the city of Bled, where he has family, from Aug 16 -25, 2014. It looks to be a fantastic trip to a beautiful area, filled with unbelievable vistas where there‚Äôs biking, hiking, kayaking, rafting, rowing, and of course, sightseeing. We will be flying Delta to Paris, then to Ljubljana and staying at the Hotel Jelovica in Bled for 6 nights. We have three bicycle rides planned with the Dennis's niece being our tour for our last excursion.  Then it is off to Venice for two nights.  Sunday Aug 24, a few of us are going to Verona and Sunday night we are going to the Opera "Aida". It is performed in an ancient amphitheater, that has been restored.  Contact Dennis for more information

 Price is estimated to be $2350 If interested please contact the Tour Operator, Dennis, 952-239-9994, dennis@hometechniques.com for information on the trip or the Purser, John Olson johnskiier@yahoo.com to signup and to get address to send in the deposit. After sending the Deposit to john, future payments can be done using Paypal, 5% will be added to your payment amount to cover the paypal processing fee. Explain your math calculation in the box below (like $750 = $400 deposit + $314 bike + $36 fees), hit "Buy Now" and on the Paypal page, adjust the "Quantity" (for example to $750) and hit "Update"; then process the payment.

$ Payment+5% Paypal fee=$X.
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Jan 18, 2015 Australia and New Zealand

This Trip has been cancelled. Sorry about that. contact sally@immunochemistry.com if anyone has paid money on paypal towards this trip